Thursday, April 8, 2010

Etsyblogger Carnival: New Things

This carnival is hosted by Rainy Day Art. Our choices were
1) Spring is a time for new things and growth. Tell us about a new item and what inspired you to create it...OR... 2) Easter is April 4, what family traditions do you do for Easter? Since I already did some snippets about Easter, I am going for new stuff.

New Stuffies to be exact. My shop has recently been invaded by monsters. They are rather friendly, a tad on the mischievous sides perhaps, but still lovable. They were actually created a while back, but only recently banned together for a formal invasion.
The little guys were sent in on the first wave. Sounds about right - toss in the grunts & stand back to see what happens. This was the initial front line:

The first wave was in no way harmed, so the bigger guys decided to step up to the plate and slip into the shop too. They are too large to be key guardians, but still small enough for a good cuddle. or perhaps a lookout. Especially the blue dude....he does not move too fast....tiny legs and no arms can do that to a monster.
See...cute, right? They are more of a guardian than a warrior. I know I have not lost my keys since they arrived. There are still a handful of doodles waiting to be brought to life. Perhaps I can work on them after I finish up my bridal party order. Maybe I will use some scraps from that to help make the next batch. Will that make them cannibals? Perhaps...

So how did they come to life? My monster buddies all rose from the same batch of doodles & sketches. Add some fabric bits, felt, embroidery thread, a button or 4 & a little stuffing...viola! Monsters :) The little blue guardian & blue dude lookout are actually from the same plans. Things can sometimes change during the conversion process...but not too much when you see them in order:


  1. I'm loving your new monsters. :) Thanks for sharing the process!

  2. Your little monsters are so cute and it was fun learning about your process!

  3. They're all so cute!
    What a great addition to your shop :)

  4. I love them! The ones attached to keyrings look real tempting to me... wouldn't have to worry about dropping my keys in the purse! {:-D


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