Friday, April 29, 2011

Plans Get All Wet

Thankfully it was just the plans. The sewing. The'll make this 3 weeks in a row I missed Jumping Off Places. *sigh*

This is what got literally wet....let me take you on the tour... the bottom of the stairs...

...coming around the corner...that bone - it's submerged...

...oh, and her is the fun...afraid to see what is gone...

...cleared away the junk...most everything worth saving was in a plastic box...the only thing lost was the playpen which was going to be given to the Salvation Army anyway...

...and a peek into the closet under the stairs...

...had to get a closer look since the bottom 3 steps can't be seen otherwise. Of course the camera wouldn't focus in there. What I can tell you is that it was dry as a bone except right under the bottom most step, which I could barely see.

SO it is cleaned up...all 50 gallons plus of it. Thankfully it was clean water. Which also helps to diagnose the problem. Most likely culprit....saturated storm drainage which is causing the pipes under the floor from around the house to seep into the floor. Good times. Good times. Oh wait, no it's not. It is still seeping.

I have a ring of towels at the base of the stairs and just around the corner. Every 30 minutes or so I go wet vac it up and exchange the towels for the next pair. The spin cycle on my washer is getting a workout. Wish I had time for a workout today. That was another plan that went ppffhhhtt.

Gotta go back down there. Wish me dry thoughts.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Etsyblogger Carnival: April Fave

This week Alice's Owl gave us 3 topics to chose from for our Etsyblogger carnival.

The Stress Awareness Month topic was great. But since I do not do this well enough for myself. So I will stick to reading this topic rather than writing about it.
The 2nd is our own creativity & muse. I don't usually know what mine is. Things just hit. I know, boring. Therefore that topic won't work.

Now the final topic. That one spoke to me. What our fave thing about April is.
The rain is okay since it is no longer snow. And the grass starts to green up. We get Spring for a couple days, always a plus. Although this year we may skip it altogether. But the real thing about April. The one thing I do look forward to. My son. My little one. Munchkin dude. Not so quiet Wyatt. It is his birthday this month. Tomorrow to be exact.

His journey to us was a rather rocky one. We knew we were in for some ups and downs. I was on bedrest for 6 months. Doesn't sound so bad at first. Lie around all day, get waited on hand and foot, do nothing but read and watch movies. That part wasn't so bad.
The standing on your feet for no more than 5 minutes at a time and as few times as possible all day. Moving your bedroom downstairs because you can't climb them. Achy hips from being on
your side 24/7. Weekly visits to the doctor. ..many of which were followed up by hospital stays overnight. Contractions from week 23 on. Those parts...not so much fun.

But it was all worth it.

So I want to wish him a Happy Birthday here with everyone....with some goodies he would love...

He wants to have his own sketchbook or journal. I think this one would be cute. I already use some of hers actually :)

Let Me Out notepad by Chicalookate

These need no explanation.....

Fun Lego Men Crayons by Scribblers Crayons

He is more of a cupcake kid than a cake kid. And these wrappers are very much him.

Fun cupcake wrappers by On Cupcake Moon

And because he needs a new blanket, there is this Monsters in My Closet quilt by Sweet Peas Garden.

Although, I do have it on my to do list with this Boogie Monster fabric...

And the creme de la creme...Death Star by Lego. He sooo wants this. Actually, we would all like it. But one click onto it will lead you to why it will never be :(

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Job...s?

Okay - this needs to be said first....

Yup - that is the view out my window as I type this up. And yes, it is April. And yes, it was nearly 80* just the other week. Ugh. Go Michigan! Woo Hoo?

Okay, back to the original post.... I have a "real" job. Part time. And get is at a fabric store!!! How sweet is that?!?!

I have worked only 3 days so far. And I feel like such a wimp - I left a 4 hour shift tired. But it is a busy job. Cashier is not just includes all the greeting of customers, answering the phones, calling for assistance to the different areas of the store & some stock stuff....all at once. And there is one register - old school style. No scanning. It is up close & personal. The help on the floor is amazing. Everything is written up on a tally sheet & brought up to be entered line by line. And with the fabulous help everyone gets on the floor - no one seems to mind the extra minute or 2 to be rung up. Which is a good thing since I am still learning :)

But I did say jobS right? Plural. Well, sort of. There is a new artisan market opening up downtown in May. The Rust Belt Market. It is like Etsy live. It is a year-round market for the local artisans. And it looks like it's going to rock! I met the owners and their energy seems enough to carry it all by itself :) I have signed up for a smattering of Saturdays during the summer. It is a bit of a leap, but one worth taking. You can't make any progress without taking any steps forward. This is a big one :)

And there was even an article written up that has a bit about me in it :) You can check it out here if interested. And if you live nearby - pop on over opening weekend - May 7th.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Treasury Goodness

I popped on over to my Etsy account to check up on circle action and saw not one, but 2 treasuries featuring me :) Made my day!

This first one has one of my ginger dots baskets...

Big thanks to my wonderful Etsyblogger teammate Splendid Little Stars...gotta love this tie dye tee:

And now onto the second treasury...Woo Hoo for two!!! This one featured my olive pillow...

That one was from another teammate - this time an Etsymom! Thanks I Heart Quotes! Love her personalized name blocks:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jumping Off Places

Here is another Jumping Off Places, hosted by Abigail's Attic.

As I watched the ants carrying on their tasks, I pondered the events of my day. Woke up. Of course...couldn't be pondering otherwise. Bathroom. Coffee. E-mail. Coffee. Kiss kids awake. Coffee. Bathroom.

Maybe I need to cut back on the coffee? The ants don't drink any and look at them go. All nice and orderly. Not stopping. Merely moving around whatever is in their way. Much easier to watch than actually do.

Send kids off to school. Coffee. More computer. Always more computer. One thing leads to another. Just like the ants. But they finish their task. At the end of this line is their goal. And they all reach it. So simple. Just march on.

I never want to march on anymore. It is easier to just sit and follow than march on. Marching on is scary. I am not an ant. I can't just follow the person in front of me. I don't even know where they are going.

But I don't even know where I am going. Maybe following for a bit is best. Look at those little guys go. March. March Mar..squoosh. Okay, so I am a bit bitter. They have it so easy.

I want it easy too. Give me a line to follow. Obstacle in the way? Just let me go around. No fuss no muss. March. March. March.

...Squoosh. It would be so much easier.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pretty in Pink

My Bubblegum Pink Pillows found their way into this wonderful
collection by Lily Marie Candle Co.

I popped on over to her shop - like I always do when someone features me - and found this goody...

Yes - it is a candle!!! Looks good enough to eat!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jumping Off Places

Another writing exercise hosted by Abigail's Attic ... she provides the first line, we do the rest...

Chatter was everywhere around me, at the next table, over the counter, and walking past my table. But I could not hear a thing. I sat there, numb. What do I do now? Where do I even begin?
Everything was fine last week. It's been forever that we have been together. The kids are grown. The house is settled into what it's going to be. Okay, the roof may need fixing, but everything else has been changed into the way we wanted it.
What we wanted. Hah! I was the only one who cared. And he was sweet enough to let me. He would have been fine just leaving things where the boxes dropped when we first moved in. Silly man. The concept of decorating was so foreign to him.
Now it may not even be mine anymore. Do I sell it? Try to keep it? And how? I haven't worked in ages. Staying home with the boys is all I know. How is that going to look on a resume? Resume. Sheesh. Might as well just hand over a blank sheet of paper with my name and phone number.
I wish I could ask him to help me. But I can't. Not anymore. How will I get used to that? Walking into a silent home every night. Dinner for one. Half an empty bed. The cupboards are going to look bare. There will be more closet space. But who cares about clothes. Who is there to look good for?
My coffee is getting cold. Still numb. Maybe I will hear the chatter around me again. Someday. Someday soon I hope.

note: so as not to worry friends and family...this is a fictional piece :)