Sunday, April 24, 2011

Etsyblogger Carnival: April Fave

This week Alice's Owl gave us 3 topics to chose from for our Etsyblogger carnival.

The Stress Awareness Month topic was great. But since I do not do this well enough for myself. So I will stick to reading this topic rather than writing about it.
The 2nd is our own creativity & muse. I don't usually know what mine is. Things just hit. I know, boring. Therefore that topic won't work.

Now the final topic. That one spoke to me. What our fave thing about April is.
The rain is okay since it is no longer snow. And the grass starts to green up. We get Spring for a couple days, always a plus. Although this year we may skip it altogether. But the real thing about April. The one thing I do look forward to. My son. My little one. Munchkin dude. Not so quiet Wyatt. It is his birthday this month. Tomorrow to be exact.

His journey to us was a rather rocky one. We knew we were in for some ups and downs. I was on bedrest for 6 months. Doesn't sound so bad at first. Lie around all day, get waited on hand and foot, do nothing but read and watch movies. That part wasn't so bad.
The standing on your feet for no more than 5 minutes at a time and as few times as possible all day. Moving your bedroom downstairs because you can't climb them. Achy hips from being on
your side 24/7. Weekly visits to the doctor. ..many of which were followed up by hospital stays overnight. Contractions from week 23 on. Those parts...not so much fun.

But it was all worth it.

So I want to wish him a Happy Birthday here with everyone....with some goodies he would love...

He wants to have his own sketchbook or journal. I think this one would be cute. I already use some of hers actually :)

Let Me Out notepad by Chicalookate

These need no explanation.....

Fun Lego Men Crayons by Scribblers Crayons

He is more of a cupcake kid than a cake kid. And these wrappers are very much him.

Fun cupcake wrappers by On Cupcake Moon

And because he needs a new blanket, there is this Monsters in My Closet quilt by Sweet Peas Garden.

Although, I do have it on my to do list with this Boogie Monster fabric...

And the creme de la creme...Death Star by Lego. He sooo wants this. Actually, we would all like it. But one click onto it will lead you to why it will never be :(


  1. Happy Birthday Wyatt :) I hope he has a great day!

    Holy Cow! I had no idea Legos could be so expensive! Good thing he has other things on his list :)

  2. legos are getting expensive! I hope Wyatt gets something he likes... I think the crayons are FAB! {:-D

  3. April brings sun and flowers, and for your birthdays!
    I am sure anyone of those gifts would be perfect for his little fingers.
    It is amazing when you spend 6 months bedrest hoping for the best, only to think back on those days as you celebrate another year of life.

  4. Hope the birthday boy had a great one! I dropped my teeth when I saw the price on the Death Star legos -- sure glad they weren't that much when my son (now 30) loved to build with them!!


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