Friday, April 8, 2011

Jumping Off Places

Here is another Jumping Off Places, hosted by Abigail's Attic.

As I watched the ants carrying on their tasks, I pondered the events of my day. Woke up. Of course...couldn't be pondering otherwise. Bathroom. Coffee. E-mail. Coffee. Kiss kids awake. Coffee. Bathroom.

Maybe I need to cut back on the coffee? The ants don't drink any and look at them go. All nice and orderly. Not stopping. Merely moving around whatever is in their way. Much easier to watch than actually do.

Send kids off to school. Coffee. More computer. Always more computer. One thing leads to another. Just like the ants. But they finish their task. At the end of this line is their goal. And they all reach it. So simple. Just march on.

I never want to march on anymore. It is easier to just sit and follow than march on. Marching on is scary. I am not an ant. I can't just follow the person in front of me. I don't even know where they are going.

But I don't even know where I am going. Maybe following for a bit is best. Look at those little guys go. March. March Mar..squoosh. Okay, so I am a bit bitter. They have it so easy.

I want it easy too. Give me a line to follow. Obstacle in the way? Just let me go around. No fuss no muss. March. March. March.

...Squoosh. It would be so much easier.


  1. Absolutely great! I can feel the confusion and the resentment. You make me laugh! Thanks again, for participating in Jumping Off Places! I wanted to use this one to write from, but I eventually chose another. Great!

  2. Yes! I know things can get frustrating at times for me, especially with two toddlers at home. But you know, I am actually the happiest when I am doing my own thing, my way and not following any ant:)

  3. I often look at my dog and think the same thing...what an easy life! So spoiled!
    But I'm far from a follower and enjoy doing things my own way :)

  4. Ah, ants have such an orderly and regimented life. There is something to be said about orderly chaos though. Love your story. :-)


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