Friday, April 29, 2011

Plans Get All Wet

Thankfully it was just the plans. The sewing. The'll make this 3 weeks in a row I missed Jumping Off Places. *sigh*

This is what got literally wet....let me take you on the tour... the bottom of the stairs...

...coming around the corner...that bone - it's submerged...

...oh, and her is the fun...afraid to see what is gone...

...cleared away the junk...most everything worth saving was in a plastic box...the only thing lost was the playpen which was going to be given to the Salvation Army anyway...

...and a peek into the closet under the stairs...

...had to get a closer look since the bottom 3 steps can't be seen otherwise. Of course the camera wouldn't focus in there. What I can tell you is that it was dry as a bone except right under the bottom most step, which I could barely see.

SO it is cleaned up...all 50 gallons plus of it. Thankfully it was clean water. Which also helps to diagnose the problem. Most likely culprit....saturated storm drainage which is causing the pipes under the floor from around the house to seep into the floor. Good times. Good times. Oh wait, no it's not. It is still seeping.

I have a ring of towels at the base of the stairs and just around the corner. Every 30 minutes or so I go wet vac it up and exchange the towels for the next pair. The spin cycle on my washer is getting a workout. Wish I had time for a workout today. That was another plan that went ppffhhhtt.

Gotta go back down there. Wish me dry thoughts.


  1. oh theresa - what a mess! seeping from under the floor?? Hope you can get some homeowner's insurance to cover that! Take care - {:-D

  2. So sorry for all the trouble you are going thru with the water! Just so you know, I have suspended Jumping Off Places for a while. I really can't do the blogging thing right now. Losing my job and other circumstances don't make me very creative! Hope your days get better too!!!

  3. Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry! Ugh, all that water, how awful. Seriously wishing you drier days.

  4. Oh no! Not fun at all!
    Our basement gets water in on one side too. I'm glad we decided to wait to finish it!


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