Friday, April 1, 2011

Jumping Off Places

Another writing exercise hosted by Abigail's Attic ... she provides the first line, we do the rest...

Chatter was everywhere around me, at the next table, over the counter, and walking past my table. But I could not hear a thing. I sat there, numb. What do I do now? Where do I even begin?
Everything was fine last week. It's been forever that we have been together. The kids are grown. The house is settled into what it's going to be. Okay, the roof may need fixing, but everything else has been changed into the way we wanted it.
What we wanted. Hah! I was the only one who cared. And he was sweet enough to let me. He would have been fine just leaving things where the boxes dropped when we first moved in. Silly man. The concept of decorating was so foreign to him.
Now it may not even be mine anymore. Do I sell it? Try to keep it? And how? I haven't worked in ages. Staying home with the boys is all I know. How is that going to look on a resume? Resume. Sheesh. Might as well just hand over a blank sheet of paper with my name and phone number.
I wish I could ask him to help me. But I can't. Not anymore. How will I get used to that? Walking into a silent home every night. Dinner for one. Half an empty bed. The cupboards are going to look bare. There will be more closet space. But who cares about clothes. Who is there to look good for?
My coffee is getting cold. Still numb. Maybe I will hear the chatter around me again. Someday. Someday soon I hope.

note: so as not to worry friends and family...this is a fictional piece :)


  1. Wonderful - thanks for using my redhead painting to illustrate the story - which is evocative!

  2. Such a common feeling. Thanks for being brave enough to write about it! And thanks, again, for participating in Jumping Off Places!

  3. First, I am glad you cleared that up at the end.

    second, great piece! You had my attention.

  4. Gosh...scared me there for a minute! Glad things are okay on the home front :)
    Great writing! I think this is an all-too-familiar story for many families!

  5. glad its a fictional piece, because it as very sad! Good story! :-)

  6. You got me too, hook, line, and oh...she left a disclaimer! Excellent, cause I love it when ^ happens!!!


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