Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Job...s?

Okay - this needs to be said first....

Yup - that is the view out my window as I type this up. And yes, it is April. And yes, it was nearly 80* just the other week. Ugh. Go Michigan! Woo Hoo?

Okay, back to the original post.... I have a "real" job. Part time. And get is at a fabric store!!! How sweet is that?!?!

I have worked only 3 days so far. And I feel like such a wimp - I left a 4 hour shift tired. But it is a busy job. Cashier is not just includes all the greeting of customers, answering the phones, calling for assistance to the different areas of the store & some stock stuff....all at once. And there is one register - old school style. No scanning. It is up close & personal. The help on the floor is amazing. Everything is written up on a tally sheet & brought up to be entered line by line. And with the fabulous help everyone gets on the floor - no one seems to mind the extra minute or 2 to be rung up. Which is a good thing since I am still learning :)

But I did say jobS right? Plural. Well, sort of. There is a new artisan market opening up downtown in May. The Rust Belt Market. It is like Etsy live. It is a year-round market for the local artisans. And it looks like it's going to rock! I met the owners and their energy seems enough to carry it all by itself :) I have signed up for a smattering of Saturdays during the summer. It is a bit of a leap, but one worth taking. You can't make any progress without taking any steps forward. This is a big one :)

And there was even an article written up that has a bit about me in it :) You can check it out here if interested. And if you live nearby - pop on over opening weekend - May 7th.


  1. Great job! You know I am a believer in taking those leaps:)

  2. Things sound like they are really going good for you! The market is a fabulous opportunity and should be a lot of fun. You'll meet so many great people, maybe some will have their own shops! I wish I had something like that around here. BTW - great write-up {:-D

  3. Snow? Yuck! But for your new jobS, congratulations! Sounds like it's going to be fun!

  4. I hope that your snow doesn't stick around too long. Congrats on your jobs!


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