Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sorry I have been MIA

It has been an unusual & fuller month than I am used to. Every time I think I will just sit down & write a post...I get distracted or something comes up. So this morning I just told myself to write...even if it is just word vomit. Yucky thought I know, but accurate.

The end of last month was when the ride began. Grandma got Bronchitis and at 98 years old you need someone around to make you take your medicine...just like a kid :) Just as spunky too. So hubby & his sister took turns staying with her, all day every day, until their parents came back up from Florida for the season a tad early.Grandma went to stay with them right away. And that is when she decided enough was enough. She had zero appetite & often happens when you age - you shrink but your esophagus does not, so it was difficult to swallow regardless of appetite. She got really weak, very tired, but was still with us mentally. She was ready. She told us so. The family was always by her side 24/7. The hospice doc told us it would only be a few days. It was amazing to be with her so close to the end. My MIL and her twin were with her at the very end. She lived a wonderful long life & went out on her own terms - ready, willing & with those she loved at her side. Her memorial service was full of vibrant colors & laughter - just like she wanted.

Hubby had to do the service the day after grandma's memorial, so all week we were doubly busy with family & him writing. It was oddly perfect timing given the subject matter though. Talking about grandma was just right for the sermon - made the service that much more moving.

Now I have a large cross stitch to finish for her. That was the deal. I got to have the scroll frames as long as I finish her piece. There are actually 2 and luckily the one I said I will finish has a chart...the other is a mystery. But it now looks like a creature wearing steampunk goggles, so I might go with that theme. Thankfully she did not give me a deadline :P

Then there is all the little stuff that gets in the way of a schedule...which I kinda suck at anyway.
The little guy - who turned 5 this past weekend! - started the soccer season during the past month. And we are so glad that he goes willingly this time around. Not fun when you have to take a mopey one to practice.

And to show off his goodies, because he asked me to show my friends on the computer...

The oldest, well, I guess his schedule only got altered by having to watch his little brother from time to time more so than usual.

And me. I am happy to say that this past month I received some custom orders :) Well, one order had been around, but it was only a couple weeks ago that the fabric choices were finalized. Which got me thinking about changing up or at least having a set "procedure" for custom orders. It can get quite difficult to chose fabrics when people do not really know what they want. Although, it is so fun window shopping!

These are the fabrics she decided on for her bridal party's gifts:

So hopefully I will get back to my regular blogging. But I may still fall short at times since I decided to put me first at times so I can work on, well, me...making me less of me anyway...particularly around the waist-hip-thigh area would be preferred :P

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

True Sign of Spring

Our weather has been a bit back and forth these past couple weeks. This is quite normal for Michigan. Frost on the car one morning, wearing shorts the next day and then back to frost again. So how do I know when it is Spring? Well, the days of warmth sure help indicate a change. So does the green grass and buds on the trees. And these flowers popping open in my front yard are a biggie.

But the biggest indicator for me. Shoes. When it is time to switch from these:

To these:

Now...it is Spring :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Etsyblogger Carnival: New Things

This carnival is hosted by Rainy Day Art. Our choices were
1) Spring is a time for new things and growth. Tell us about a new item and what inspired you to create it...OR... 2) Easter is April 4, what family traditions do you do for Easter? Since I already did some snippets about Easter, I am going for new stuff.

New Stuffies to be exact. My shop has recently been invaded by monsters. They are rather friendly, a tad on the mischievous sides perhaps, but still lovable. They were actually created a while back, but only recently banned together for a formal invasion.
The little guys were sent in on the first wave. Sounds about right - toss in the grunts & stand back to see what happens. This was the initial front line:

The first wave was in no way harmed, so the bigger guys decided to step up to the plate and slip into the shop too. They are too large to be key guardians, but still small enough for a good cuddle. or perhaps a lookout. Especially the blue dude....he does not move too fast....tiny legs and no arms can do that to a monster.
See...cute, right? They are more of a guardian than a warrior. I know I have not lost my keys since they arrived. There are still a handful of doodles waiting to be brought to life. Perhaps I can work on them after I finish up my bridal party order. Maybe I will use some scraps from that to help make the next batch. Will that make them cannibals? Perhaps...

So how did they come to life? My monster buddies all rose from the same batch of doodles & sketches. Add some fabric bits, felt, embroidery thread, a button or 4 & a little stuffing...viola! Monsters :) The little blue guardian & blue dude lookout are actually from the same plans. Things can sometimes change during the conversion process...but not too much when you see them in order:

Monday, April 5, 2010

March Etsyblogger in April

I've been slacking. I had it marked on my calendar last week to do the Etsyblogger of the month post...but life got in the way. So I am bringing you some pretties by Dizzy Dragonflies today....and don't forget her blog, Knitting Dragonflies. Better late than never. And hey we can always use some pretty.

A little bad for the girl...hand dyes worsted weight yarn

Tropical Waters

Black and White Hand Knit Scarf

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I think I may have the only kid who asks "Do I have to eat the candy?". Huh?!?! Um, okay...more for me :) He just wanted to play with the Lego Star Wars that the Easter bunny brought him.

Good thing I know my kid and made sure the "Easter bunny" did not bother to put too much sweet goodness in his basket.

Now my oldest...he'll gladly eat the candy for both of them. When asked what he wanted in his basket he simply said "Chocolate. Oh, and some chocolate. And maybe some chocolate on the side." I asked the bunny to throw in some Peeps too...gotta have some of those today.

He also got one of his fave shirts from Think Geek. It reads:
  • Fluorine
  • Uranium
  • Carbon &
  • Potassium