Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have not been blogging regularly for quite some time now. Pretty much the summer...which also coincides with the new job. I still can't get over how much things changed around here with a part time job. Granted, a job that started at 20 hours a week but quickly expanded to 30. Good for the wallet, not so much for the house and biz.

I decided to start back to blogging with some catch ups.

The first is The Storm. Some pretty high winds...clocked in at 70 mph... ripped their way through here a few weeks back. Over 100 trees were downed and they collected over 3000 cubic yards of chipped wood!!!! And our city, and the affected area, is only a couple square miles. We were also without power for about 5 days. Good thing it was Labor Day weekend and we already had plans to be places that had power :)

It really was amazing to see the aftermath. We went out the next morning to go get some coffee and breakfast from somewhere with power. But we had to drive around a bit first. It was so quiet. And we were not the only ones. I saw plenty of  people walking or riding through the neighborhoods doing the same thing.

100 year old trees just sheared or yanked right out of the ground. The number of homes with giant trees just laying on the ground with the base roots above ground was wild. Everywhere you looked the ground was just littered with leaves and branches. Actually, so were the homes and cars. For a few days you could still see leaves stuck to houses.

I can't get over the fact that more homes were not destroyed. So many homes near each other with trees littered all around...and so many that missed homes. Not that there was no damage, there was. There was a sea of blue tarps on roofs, but I did not see any just, gone. Cars, yes. Many a SUV looked more like a station wagon afterwards. Our neighbors car is still stuck under her crushed car port.

Here's a peek from my front yard...

And our backyard neighbors had a couple trees that just snapped. He didn't mind too much though since no one was hurt. He did not like them anyway :P

Those were just some quick pics from my house...and we just caught the tail ends of the wind shear. If you want to see some really cool pics from this storm, check out some these articles at The Ferndale Patch:
School Cancelled ...yes, the first day of school had to be cancelled

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