Friday, November 18, 2011

Hello Sweetie

The Doctor has arrived! Well, at least his TARDIS has. That's Time and Relative Dimensions in Space for those of you unfamiliar with Doctor Who...which is a darn shame.

The TARDIS has been traveling around our area recently. Spending a couple days on different lawns. We were lucky enough to have it land this morning.

There is even a light on top that we can turn on fun is that?!? I hope the timey-wimey noise box is still functional.

So where did this awesome piece come from? Well, the band director is a Whovian and at the last choir/orchestra concert...Hijinks and Hilarity... it was themed as such. They traveled throughout time to important dates in history musically. This TARDIS was on stage and "helped" them through their travels. They had lots of fun with that concert! It was near Halloween and the kids, um, young adults, dressed for the occasion. And my son, being the Doctor Who fan that is is, dressed up as one of the Doctors. Actually, he was a few different ones during the days at school also.

This is the TARDIS on it's first night ....

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