Friday, July 9, 2010

Floor Be Gone...and Confetti Anyone?

They came in to conquer the floor today. Turns out that the carpet was actually not as bad as I thought. Held up pretty well for 8 year old cheapy carpet. What you don't know when you redo things around the house...what the heck is under that floor. The hardwood underneath was not something that could have been least not without paying an arm & leg & perhaps my first born. Also, it's rather orange. And nicked. And gouged. And full of nails. Granted, a refinish & new stain could fix that, but that's not going to fix the very very numerous nails that were pounded in everywhere...presumably to stop the squeaky.


And the kicker...the kitchen. Big surprise. Remember the drop off we found when the cabinets were put in? Well, it turns out that there was a similar problem at the kitchen to dining room space. But opposite. The kitchen floor layers put it much much higher than the rest of the house. Not sure how good you can see it in this pic, but...

My guy said it's a good thing he's good at resolutions. I didn't ask if that applies to New Years too, because I could use help there also. Anyway...It won't be easy, but the floor will led to it's demise. The 2 vinyl, then plywood, then more vinyl, then some thick MDF-type stuff and the petroleum based lineloum confetti. Yes, confetti. I may have to do some research because I am now curious on just when this layer may have been added. Isn't it, um, cough, pretty?

Actually, the confetti floor is kinda cool, but not something I would want on my floor.


  1. Ooo, it's a dance floor! Actually, I think it's pretty cool, heh. But I guess you'd have to match everything to the floor...

  2. That was a lot of floors under there! Someone couldn't make up their mind!

  3. looks like our 70 year old house, when we attacked the floors. Pulled up carpeting and found hardwood floors. DH buffs and stained 3 rooms. Our kitchen is still uneven. Like to see what your guy's resolution is going to do!

  4. Lovin' the confetti! I hate when they just pack on the layers!

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