Thursday, June 23, 2011

BEST Feature: Off the Wall Expressions

As many of you know, I had my home redone last summer. New floors, new kitchen, newly painted walls. I still have not hung anything permanent on them. And after seeing this shop...I could keep the walls hole-less AND still have them decorated.

I give you Off the Wall Expressions, a vinyl wall art and lettering company run by Tina and Mick, a husband and wife team. No wonder you can find so much humor in their shop LOL! Okay, so there are more sweet and serious designs too, but snark & quirk win me over every time.

This Boy design would be a great entryway into my youngest's room.

And my oldest, well, he is a carnivore. With bacon being at the top of his pyramid. When he heads off to college in a couple years, I could so see this decorating his dorm...


Now, as much as I love the funny, this one would rock my sewing area. I could jot notes right there on the wall without putting a single hole in the wall. And chalk - always fun :)


Be sure to check out their blog to learn even more and see what's new.

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