Thursday, June 30, 2011

Safari Shopping Spree

Okay - time for some fun! Virtual shopping time courtesy the BEST Team (Boosting Etsy Shops Team). I am new to the team and jumped at the chance to host this week's Shopping Safari. I debated on picking a theme. Possibly room by room or clothing style by style or even color. But I chose to just dive in & just "get" what I have had my eye on for a while now.

Let's start with some newer goodies I found when I joined the team and checked out the roster. Commence wallet opening....we start with $1000...let's see how far we get...

Handmade Organic Bracelet, Enchanted Forest by Kanelstrand (BEST member)
Down to $972

Handmade Glass Apothecary Bottles by Indigo Objects (BEST member)
Down to $797

Brass Cuff, All Who Wander Are Not Lost by Zen25 (BEST member)
Down to $779

LinkJumbo Heart Rainbow Crayons by Art2 the Extreme (BEST member)
Down to $772

Ms Fox Pillow Cover by Maureen Cracknell (BEST member)
Down to $736

Lil Green Soap Invaders by Crazy K Bath and Body (BEST member)
Down to $730

Black Agate Flower Necklace by Jewelry by Jaynemarie (BEST member)
Down to $620

Emmaline Art Doll by Miss Millificent
Down to $500...halfway there...pretty good haul so far I must say :)

Biker Chick by Kelly Annie
Down to $470

The Tardis by The House of Mouse
Down to $395...I have wanted that Tardis for quite some time now...score!!

Steampunk Cuff Bracelet, Silver Watch Movement by Catherinette Rings
Down to $245...been wanting something from there since I first saw Etsy!

42 Belt Buckle by Vintage Retrospect
Down to $220

Custom Made 1950' s Black Dress with Red Cherry Print by Modela 2z
Down to $121

Brain in a Jar by Organ Grinder
Down to $95....I've been needing a spare brain for quite some time now :P

Fuchsia, Pink and Purple Butterflies Bracelet by si:ca designs
Down to $45

And in case I decide to give any of these as gifts...

Yellow Butterfly Gift Tags by Upcycle Recycle Reuse (BEST member)
Down to $41.25

I am sure I could bring it down to zero...but who likes an empty wallet?

Go see what you would do with a virtual $ just might find something that is real-life-wallet worthy :)

note: This post (with minor alterations is also posted on the BEST if you visit there, don't worry, you aren't losing your mind - you have seen this before :)

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