Friday, July 8, 2011

BEST Feature: Our Home to Yours

This shop is a team effort. Amanda gets to play with the yarn and Debbi gets to go nuts with the jewelry. One thing I just love about this will not be seeing double. To quote them:

"When Amanda and Debbi create something, we almost never re-make it.
Why? I dunno, we just like to try new things all the time *grin*."

That is one idea I can totally relate to! As much as I would like to make just one of each design, I just can't. It's more like half a dozen of the same design...too much time spent fiddling with the pattern not to :P So I am super envious that they manage to do it. And so wonderfully!

So let's stop talking about the fab one-of-a-kind pieces and start showing them!

Orange and Pewter Double Strand Beaded Heart Necklace

Rainbow Hued Crochet Flip Flops

LinkUpdated Vintage Blue Hat with Flower

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Note on the BESTeam...
The Boosting Etsy Shops Team's goal is to provide marketing support for each others' Etsy shops by writing WEEKLY features on our blogs. We are a very dynamic, active group and we are now accepting new members!
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