Thursday, September 24, 2009

BlogFire Carnival: Your Home

"Your Home" What do you love about your home, and why? If you don't necessarily like your home at the moment, what could you buy on ArtFire that would help make it more special, more comfortable, or cozier?

Well, this one is easy...and fun! I do not like my house very much. Don't get me wrong, it's not horrid, I just am here all day...every day...all day - did I say that already? Anyway, when you spend all day, every day, looking at the same things, you get tired of it quickly. Especially if you procrastinate the deep clean & fixing ups & rearranging to do other things, like oh, I don't know, sewing bags or raising kids.

So I am going to show you somethings I would live to put in my home to make it cozier. Keep in mind I am not "shopping" with an overall look in mind, so things may not match quite like they would if I were shopping for real. Just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page...and that you won't think I am a total weirdo design-wise.

Here goes...
The Family Room:

*Remember... by Country Workshop*

*Sweep IV Modern Steel Clock by All15designs*

*Ocean Rocker III Rocking Chair by ODE*

*Reflections lamp by Jesseleecreations*
...bonus with this is that I can see the kids around the corner if I placed it right :) ...

The Kitchen:

*Cherry cutting board by Ripperarts*

*Oversized stemless Spring glasses by Marywibis*

*Brains by withremote*

The "Office/Sewing Room/Mom's Room"
(of which we would need to put an addition onto the house first):

*I freaking heart handmade print by Geekdetails* hang above sewing machine...

*Framed wall-mount magnet board by Moore Magnets*

*Post-it note stained glass holder by Blessings-Glassworks*

*Filing cabinet/bench by Wooditis*


  1. You have found some very interesting things! That sign is great!

  2. Yah - NO ONE would mistake my family for normal!

  3. What a cool house you'd have with all those things! Great choices!

  4. thought I had a favorite until I saw that filing cabinet. I WANT that! The rocking chair - now I've got to go to that shop and see what that artist is all about! And I love the stained glass post-it holder - I love post-its... and stained glass! And I beautiful cutting board - always a kitchen necessity!

    Great picks!

  5. So many great finds! The sign on top is perfect for so many families...LOL :)


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