Friday, September 25, 2009

Etsyblogger Carnival: Me

1) Show your face! I love to know the artist behind the work. Show us a picture of yourself and talk about your work, life...whatever. Interview yourself if you like. 2) you don't want to show your us your studio instead. Where do you create? Do you like it/want something different? What is your favorite part about where you create?

Originally I was going to do the show your studio, but I remember I had posted about that before... but I could not find I popped in another pic I had instead.

So I chose to go with the show your face option. But I have no pictures of myself...barely. I really really, really really, really really dislike my picture being taken. So I took one myself. I have one with a flash so the colors appeared normal, but I liked this one better. Even with the squinty eye.

Now about list format okay?
  • mom
  • wife
  • daughter
  • friend
  • artist wanna-be
  • sewer
  • master procrastinator
  • supreme WIP girl
  • book lover *just one peek at my book list on the left sidebar or my Shelfari at the bottom of the page will show you just how much....and backs up the next 2 things on this list*
  • fan of tv & movies...gimme some sci-fi, horror, Indy or comedy & I am one happy girl
  • sci-fi chick - even if they did change the channel to SyFy
  • urban supernatural follower - gimme vamps, supes, fae, witches, zombies & kick a$& chicks and once again - happy girl
  • tattooed - 5 times - and wanting more
...and much more, but don't wanna bore you :)

edit: btw - the pic was taken on the tub to look into the mirror over the's the only one :P


  1. It was fun to see your workspace and the self-portrait of you! I also learned more about you from your list. Great post!

  2. Cool! I'm also a master procrastinator. Nice to be friends with a fellow one! ;)

    (although, with all the work you've done this month, we'd never know it!)

  3. Great post :) Thanks for participating in the carnival...loved your list :)

  4. I hate having my picture taken too - your braver than I am :P

  5. Very crative way to take a picture of yourself! I'll have to try that!


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