Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogfire - In the Kitchen

It's that time again...another BlogFire carnival. This time, I will take you into the kitchen...not mine, I haven't cleaned :P

Breast Cancer Awareness Kitchen Set by Sew Happy Designs

Cups of Tea - Recycled Wall Clock by Decomundo

Tea for Two Cozy Set in Brown and Blue by By Camille

Green Bottle Spoon Rest, Nut Bowl and Cheese Tray by Silver Garden

Party Set, Lime Green Lampwork Cheese & Canape Cutters, Wine Stopper
by Chrysalis Art Glass


  1. What fun finds! Makes me wish I cooked! Well, almost.

  2. I love all of them, especially the tea cozy with the bright blue! Sometimes I wish I sewed...


  3. Beautiful work. I love the breast cancer awareness kitchen set!

  4. great picks! I'm with Edi, love the spoon rests! How'd they do that... melt them? Got to check that out!

  5. Like Beaded Tail, I kinda' wish I cooked, too, when I see such nice stuff for the kitchen! That clock, though, is super-even if I'm not a cook!

  6. Great finds--especially love the tea cozy.


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