Friday, February 26, 2010

Etsyblogger Carnival: Vacation Time

This carnival's host is Handmade By Sandi. The choices were:
#1 What's the best vacation your ever had?
#2 Of all the places in the world, where would you like to go and why?

I decided to go with #1 since, well, there is no one place I really long to go. I know, boring, but true. I am not a hug fan of beaches. I adore the water, but not the sand. There just is not enough to do. Okay, you can sit around and read, but I'd rather do that somewhere other than under the sun. Hubby, now he'd take a lazy beach vacation any day. I'd want to do something, something active, something I normally would not. Which is kind of funny considering my fave vaca.

It's cliche, but my favorite vacation was my honeymoon. We went to Toronto. I was there way back when during a fifth grade field trip, but remembered nothing from that. This one, I remember :)
We traveled by train - which I loved....first class sure did not hurt. When we arrived we walked across the street to our hotel, the Royal York...VIP floor. Very nice.

In the morning we woke up and walked down the hall to the suite thingy where they had coffee & breakfast. Yum! The rest of the! Not that! We walked. All. Day. Long. And it was great! We wound our way up and down nearly every street. Went in to too many shops to remember. Ate tons of great food. It is the best way to really get to know a city.
We even got what we now refer to as our family seal a tattoo shop - one of the best I might add. Just don't ask me to remember the name of it...I do have their card somewhere around here though.We hit the touristy spots too, like the CN Tower and even took in a baseball game. We thought it was fitting since that is what we did after the wedding reception...and before the bar hopping. All in my gown by the way :)

Here's the entrance to the tower...loved the moose!!!

And us at, well, near, the top. And no, no pics of me on the glass floor...uh uh - no way!

I had to throw in this pic to since, while it may not be from my fave vaca, it is my fave vaca pic....


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip and enjoyed seeing your photos of Toronto! That last one is very cute! Was that in FL?

  2. Fun the tat :)

    And make sure you don't molest the alligators...that sign is TOO funny!

  3. At last - a picture of you! LOL Weren't we just talking about not seeing any pics of you the other day? And it sounds like you had lots of fun :)

  4. roflol - love the alligator sign =p
    Great favorite vaca pic =)

  5. I have to ask, who would want to molest an alligator?! Really!
    I love that moose too!


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