Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hair Goodies

My hair has been getting quite long. I have always been one to play around with color & style, but lately have just been too lazy to do much. And the result - my hair seems longer than it ever had been before. And yet, I still hate it in my face, especially when sewing. So it winds up pulled back most of the time.
I found some cute handmade hair thingies online...but most of them I just can't bring myself to buy since they are sewn...something I can just do myself. Well, I have no idea if I really can, but I sure will try first :) So I recently bought some hair sticks & barrettes to craft some hair pieces. I have lots of ideas, but just need to start them.But one thing I know I can't do - metal work. Solution...buy some :) I ran across this shop, Additions Style, during a giveaway look around. I just love her style. And the packaging it came in was so cute too. See....

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