Monday, August 23, 2010


...the before and afters...

Keep in mind, not everything is put back in its place yet. And much of it won't be brought back. Actually, these before's are more like "just after the original before's". They were taken after I cleared out lots of the big stuff (like the couch) and took down the draperies. Plus, the second set for the front room has the "before" when the walls were primed...they were originally blue like the first pic. And the boy's rooms were taken after the carpet was ripped out. But you can still get the idea....

The yellow couch is new to us. It was my sis-in-laws, but they just got a new leather couch. And she knew I always loved the style of her yellow one. Now to find the fabric to cover it with...should be a fun project once the little guy is in school :)

Little guy wanted a reg rug and I had an extra area rug that I put down underneath his wire cubical shelf thingy. I figure he'll be the hardest on the new floors, so the more protection the better :)

And below you can see the small fluffy rug the big guy wanted for his floor. I have to admit, it is nice and soft and will feel great during the winter when the floors are chilly.

The kitchen pics will come tomorrow - see you then :)


  1. Everything turned out wonderful! I like all the choices you made. I like the style of that couch too!

  2. Everything turned out great as Sharla said.. I love the yellow couch..

  3. Lookin' good! I love the yellow couch :) Brightens up the room...I think you should leave it yellow!


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