Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Patch: Etsyblogger's Blogger of the Month!

I can't believe August is just about over! And that I almost missed this post! Patch has been a very active member of the Bloggers this past year or so - and a busy one too! She has 3, yes THREE! - shops. A supply shop, a vintage shop (which has a large sale going on now!!!) and of course her handmade jewelry shop.

Gotta love this piece...

Look at the detail on this top...so beautiful...

I just love these paper flowers she creates...these are from lottery tickets...too cool!!

I know from experience that her pieces are fantastic! I have a set of rings I gave to my niece, she just adores them! Perfect for her girly tomboy self. Yup, you read that right too. She's a perfect mix of both worlds. Isn't the ring awesome...and the packaging rocks too!!

Speaking of blend of worlds...Patch is from Thailand and blends in with our largely US group just wonderfully. It's been neat reading her posts & forum threads since she joined. She is starting to use our slang even :) You can read her posts on one of her, um, yup, I believe it is another three...blogs. She has one that is great for all things bridal. Another for the knitting world. And yet another for, well, her jewelry & everything else.

This is her newest doll on her Crochet & Knit blog - sounds like there will be more on the way :)

So read on, browse her shops, and just enjoy! I think I got them all :P


  1. Thank you so much Theresa!!! You cover all my life!!! LOL
    And I worried about the rings you got that maybe the size is too small for you and relieve to know that you passed to your niece and she loves it!! Thank you, thank you!! and you remind me to list that item in my shop again.. :D

  2. How talented Patch is! Her work is lovely!


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