Friday, September 3, 2010

How Do I Start the Day?

First I hafta? *whine whine whine* Okay, maybe that is just because I tend to wake up just a touch too early. Although it tends to be because there is an adorable 5 year old hopping into bed & kissing my forehead. Much better than a brash alarm, that's for sure!

Then on to the coffee. This has become more habit than need. I tend to just drink however much hubby left behind. I found this cool mug browsing ArtFire today, it'd go great in my new kitchen...

by Bluesky Pottery

Little guy tends to play on the floor & watch a cartoon while I sip & surf. Checking emails and my shops is always the first thing that gets done. But, well, I tend to get distracted as I check the email. Maybe it is all the great blogs I subscribe to...maybe it is just my nature. Either way, I spend the a.m. browsing beauties on sites like Design Sponge or peek at neat tutorials on Craft Gossip, and can't forget Handmade Spark.

How awesome would it be to use this keyboard while I's made of bamboo...

by Takemoto Handmade

My own blogs come next. I try to get my own posts written before checking out those on my blogroll. I try real hard. Really. This summer however, trying didn't go over so well. I will happily blame it all on the house redo...which is done now, so I guess I need to get back into the swing of things.

This BlogFire carnival post is actually a great segue into something I will soon be writing about - schedules. Fun & exciting I know, please try & restrain yourself. Did I lose you already? That's okay, planning is not my fave either. But within it sprouts another blog series I said I was going to get healthy & lose that fat a$5 posts. Gee, the fun just never ends.

So - a.m. is computer time, usually interrupted every few minutes by the little guy before I give up & we go on a walk. Which is good for that whole big butt issue. Next week school starts & schedules shall change. How is your morning looking?


  1. You chose some great things to illustrate your post. I would love to have that keyboard. I wonder if it would be as comfortable for my hands as my bamboo knitting needles are?

  2. love your blog! I tend to cling to my coffee mug first thing in the morning, too.


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