Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spiders are Invading

Good thing they are just pom pom and chenille! I took a trip to the craft store with the little guy last weekend for him to pick out a costume for me to make. We did not find a costume, but we did find a mask. He just is not sure what it will be a part of. I hope he figures it out soon. When I told him this, his reply - "can't you just make it the night before?". Um, not preferably :P

What we did find were decorations to make. He got to choose....spiders.
He let me put the beads in separate bowls but not until after many had rolled to the ground.

The legs are attached with craft glue overnight. He said they look dead laying there like that. I think he may be right.

But they sure are cute once they are done.

There are 12 in the pack. I told him we can make one each day after school. And when they are done, we can start decorating outside. This was the only think that kept his desire to decorate outside now at bay.


  1. Glad to hear they aren't real spiders! I HATE spiders, but these are awefully cute :)

  2. those are adorable!

    and great mom mind trick, lol.

  3. adorable spiders. Now that's something I can live with!

  4. Those are adorable! Makes me want to run out and buy the kit, too, lol.


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