Friday, September 24, 2010

Etsyblogger Carnival: Weddings

This carnival post is going to be on Patch's wedding blog, so I get to show off some of my wedding pics :) I had a fun wedding. It was laid back and without any added bells and whistles. No cake (the dessert at the place was divine...and if you were to ask someone, they would not even remember...I have, so I know). No was midday, and not missed one bit. Only two people standing up with my son of course. Having only one bridesmaid made the dress easy too...I just told her what color - she got to chose the dress she wanted. Flowers, only what I had to - bridesmaid bouquet plus boutonniere thingies for the dads.

I had this bouquet of metal, crystals & pearls instead of flowers. I love that I get to keep them fresh forever :)

And I have to show off my son, again, all cozy up on his throne during the reception.

And the "after party"....the Tiger's game. The reception was held at The Gem which is just one street behind the stadium...where an afternoon game was playing that day. And yes, I wore my dress :)


  1. Sounds like the perfect kind of wedding - enjoyable and fun! Your son looked so cute all duded up!

  2. great pictures! All of them! That is a good idea about the bouquet... got to mention that to.... friend's childrens! {:-D

  3. What a lovely set of memories! I'm so glad I got to peek in and see your wedding photos, and your bouquet was/is AWESOME!

  4. wonderful! Your son is so handsome on his throne! Unfancy weddings are my favorite. Thanks for showing off yours! And great bouquet!


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