Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School - Day One

*cartwheel handspring backflip jazz-hands*

Okay, it's a touch sad'ish too. I can't believe the little guy is off to Kindergarten. All Day. Monday through Friday. Okay, so a few cartwheels may be in order. I think he will most definitely thrive with the daily structure. He was so cute when I woke him up. He kept scootching up under the covers. He finally look at me & asked why I was waking him up. I asked, "don't you remember what today is?" His eyes got wide, he sat up straight & with a huge smile exclaimed, "it's the first day of Kindergarten!!!". Then jumped out of bed, looked back & said, "well, c'mon Mom, hurry up...it's school today!".

Now the other one...well...much less jumping up & out of bed. But he is excited about going to CASA for 6th & 7th hour (CASA=Center for Advanced Studies and the Arts). He gets to take Russian language and advanced world history. This is him in the morning...you'll notice the difference between the 2 right off...okay the jail type numbers don't really help :P ....

Then there is the little guy....

The backpack is almost as big as he is! Too cute....

"bye Mom"

...and there he goes. And yes, we went with him. He is a tad too teeny to walk the 1.35 miles himself. Someday...someday...


  1. I'm impressed with your "grown" boy! Russian! wow! And the little one, he is adorable! Looks pretty excited... well, maybe not the last photo... {:-Deb

  2. My kids are all big and this time of year I miss all the excitement of starting something new. I got to enjoy that again with your post. Thanks.

  3. This post made me smile! Hope they both have a good school year!


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