Monday, September 13, 2010

I was supposed to write this last week....

I have been such a bad blogger, a bad Etsyblogger to be more precise. I have not done a carnival in quite some time. The subjects were interesting, I guess I just never felt like writing. I almost did last week's about goals and dreams throughout the quarters of our lives, but I realized I am way lacking in those areas.

I was never one to have big dreams of "I want to be/do this when I get older". I was raised with more of a grow up happy & enjoy what you do attitude. Everything else is just gravy. Were there things I thought I would like to do? Yes. Was I good at them? Not so much. I tend to enjoy things I do not excel at and only kind of like things I am good at. If I had a talent, like my oldest does with music, maybe I would have seen things differently.

Am I where I thought I would be at this quarter of my life? Well, that is the advantage of no majorly defined goals...yes, I am. I am happy. I have two wonderfully fantastic kids - which I thought I would want someday. So hey - a goal! A great hubby - which was never on my list, but darn it, the guy made me fall in love with :P Job - well, not so much of anything there. I do love creating and hope to do more with that now that the little guy is in school. I would love to get back to painting. Maybe once I finish clearing out the basement.

I guess I do have one goal for now, two actually. The first is getting the biz going steady. I give myself this school year before I bow out & get a "real" job. The second - plan "Chunk Be Gone". I am off to a good start there. Getting back to veggie, walking kiddo to school & taking the long way up - getting my big 'ol a$% to the gym. More on this fun ride later :)


  1. Being happy is a wonderful goal :)

    I hope the crafty biz and the weight loss goals go well :)

  2. I like your attitude!!! Your "goals/"aspirations are the best of all! I don't think there's anything better than being happy/satisfied with life.

  3. I would love to have more confidence in my work so that I can continue to stay home when the kids go to school. I am giving myself the end of the year to get in gear--best of luck with both of yours!


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