Saturday, November 13, 2010

And so the journey begins...

cross stitch by Sew Crossed

Actually, it has already begun. But the sharing part has only just begun. Yes, I am going to be one of 'those' people that drag you along on their weight loss journey. I hope it will be more than just that. While weight loss is at the top of the list, getting healthy & strong are very close seconds. Not to mention the wonderful emotional side effects. Looking forward to those too.

I even made an Etsy treasury and an Artfire Collection in honor of it. And a post on my treasury blog. All of which have also given me some sewing ideas :)

It is hard to pinpoint the actual start for this journey. I could go back as far as 6 months when I decided I need to do this. Or 5 years ago after I had my son and knew it would have to be done. And truthfully, I already made it halfway down this road a couple years back. That's a story for another time.

This start was actually back in August. I came back from vacation and took the first step. No more pop. I only drank diet, but pop is pop is pop. Too much sodium and bunches of chemicals. So bye bye to that. Have not touched it since.

The other fist step was food. It was only a minor tweak, for me anyway. I spent years as a vegetarian. I fell off the wagon when I was preggo. Now I am back...and feeling so much better. I was never a huge fan of meat - grosses me out, so it was not too tough.

Add in walking every morning after I dropped off the little guy at school - w00ts for all day Kindergarten!!!! And bammo presto chango...I am down 15 pounds. I only now realized how much slipped off. It was gradual & I only just now fit into the next pant size down. They are on the tight side, but not seam splittingly tight, so I chalk it up as a size lower.

The other weekend I got a call from my gym...a Happy Birthday We Have a Free Personal Training Session For You call. Best gift. I went this past Monday. It felt great. I went to school for exercise science, so I know what to do. But doing still gets done better with some help. It was a great motivator. I plan to do a few more sessions to kick start things.

I track all my food and exercise on Livestrong's My Plate - awesome site for anyone looking for a great online tool during their fitness journey. It helps to have that keeping me honest. And so will this. I plan to update here weekly and fill in with some back stories. So if you see some time go by and it sounds like I have not hit the gym...feel free to give me a little kick in the pants.

I also have this nifty graph I made to help show any loss. Hopefully the next time you see it, the new updated colors will be lower.

And no, I did not crop the chart wrong...I am keeping the actual numbers to myself :)


  1. Good luck on your journey! I'm on one myself but so far it's not been a fun one. Congrats on being down a size too!

  2. that's great - sounds like you've been working at this! I need a kick in the rear to start me. If I started cooking for myself, it would probably help big time...

  3. Congratulations on staring the journey, and on your progress so far! i wish I were so disciplined, but I have made some small changes, which seem to be working. I think.

    Oddly enough, my same clothes fit; it's just that they somehow are fitting differently. Have you experienced that/

  4. awesome, Theresa! I need to try to do some sort of workout everyday. You've reminded me. Cheering for you!


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