Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Review

Halloween was good to my little devil this year. The costume was easy. Red sweatpants & waffle tee. Borrowed red cape & hat with horns. Pitchfork - cheapie from Target. The weather was dry, chilly, but dry. Chilly enough for a winter coat, but luckily, his Awesome.

This first picture was taken during their school parade around the block on Friday. It's a tad blurry. I am so used to stills that I did not set the camera for action shots. Oh well.
They moved inside and headed off to art class. I stayed on with another kiddo's mom to get the party started! *cue the Black Eyed Peas* We worked well together. We are both casual & went easy. Cider and doughnuts...perfectly crisp on the outside locally made cake ones. Yum! A Halloween banner & a couple garland pieces. Non-candy treats like mini playdough, pencils, erasers, cards packs, and eyeball bouncy ball.

We wanted to keep it simple. Each kid got a brown paper gift bag to decorate with foamie letters, pirate paraphernalia, googly eyes, wood figures and monster stickers. Baring a few glue mishaps, it went well.

They trick-or-treated for all the goodies and played a quick game. Using two wooden spoons they walk raced across the rug with the eyeball balls. Then they took some pictures.

And danced.

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