Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble Gobble

I hope everyone (in the USA anyway) had a great Turkey of drama and full of goodies! I know I did. I did the usual - the dessert. But I took the easy way out this year...mostly thanks to a migraine the day before. I did make a couple apple pies, but I bought some cheesecakes. they were SOOOO good! Our neighbors across the street recently opened a new cheesecake shop. Everything is made there by many flavors to choose from! I went with pumpkin (of course), almond and plain. If you are ever in the Metro Detroit area, I strongly recommend stopping by Peteet's and grabbing some of these delicious treats for yourself.

And as for the turkey, well, I am 95% vegetarian, but I did try a nibble. Now these turkeys...these I can see having...

One Dozen Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies by The Sweet Shop Cookie Co

Shades of Brown, Thanksgiving Card by Paper Creations by Laura

Autumn Turkey Fabric Wreath by Soo Boo Designs

Custom Boys Turkey Tee by Pirate and Princess Couture

Turkey Pig Greeting Cards by Pigatopia


  1. Cheesecake sounds yummy! Love your turkey finds too!

  2. Very fun selection of turkey items!! I am thrilled you included my turkey card - so glad you liked it!

  3. What a great cornucopia of turkey delights! And now you got me wanting to go to Detroit...just for their cheesecakes! Alas, a long drive from central NC! Hey! Thanks for including my turkey wreath! Love this blogsite. Really cute! Have a great holiday!

  4. I went with the purchased cheesecake too :) I made all the side dishes, so I went the easy route with the dessert :)
    Those turkey cookies look more like my kinda turkey too!

  5. what great pics! I love them all! {:-D

  6. Ooooh, pumpkin cheesecake. We had some of that, too--yummy!

    I love that Autumn Wreath, and the little tee made me smile big.


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