Monday, July 26, 2010

Back from Vacation

I'm back :) Did you even know I had left? Hard to tell this time of year I suppose. My blogging is not always as consistent once school lets out. I can't believe there is just over a month left.

Anyway...there will be some house updates coming soon. I just wanted to give a quick howdy and show you where we have been...Frankfort Michigan aka "Up North".

We went up with hubby's sis & her family plus his parents. The set up is perfect. We each have our own room next to each other with an area out front to sit & play games after the kids go down. Well, 3 of the 4 anyway. Next year it will probably only be the 2 youngest that actually go to bed at a "bedtime". They grow so fast. The cousins had a blast together.
We went canoeing - as we do every time - and shopping in Traverse City - although never enough for me - and this year we tried a couple new places.

We went on the alpine slide rides at Crystal Mountain. Well, we did not include me. We were not sure if the little guy would care for it, so we spent as little $$$ as needed just in case. He loved it. It is basically a small luge run on a wheeled sled with a brake/accelerator stick for control. Oh, and you take the chair lift up to get to the top of the ride. Next year - we all go :)

The Art Walk (Michigan Legacy Art Park) - also at Crystal Mountain - was so very cool. A nature trail on the side of the mountain dotted with works of art from various artists. Very zen, very peaceful, very nature. Also very hilly. It could be a heck of a workout. And bonus - my bro-in-law knew a couple of the artists. I don't have any pics yet that we took, but here are some of my are from their site:

Early on you see this piece by David Barr...Diversity...that broken column represents the impact of human action on our world...

The best "tv" ever...Satisfaction from Nature by Byung Chan Cha:

The Hemingway Haunts by Patricia Innis:

Five Needles by Michael McGillis:

And the kids' fave...the Stockade Labyrinth by David can walk through it - very cool:

And for some really cool aerial pics of Frankfort from Photography Plus click here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Floor Be Gone...and Confetti Anyone?

They came in to conquer the floor today. Turns out that the carpet was actually not as bad as I thought. Held up pretty well for 8 year old cheapy carpet. What you don't know when you redo things around the house...what the heck is under that floor. The hardwood underneath was not something that could have been least not without paying an arm & leg & perhaps my first born. Also, it's rather orange. And nicked. And gouged. And full of nails. Granted, a refinish & new stain could fix that, but that's not going to fix the very very numerous nails that were pounded in everywhere...presumably to stop the squeaky.


And the kicker...the kitchen. Big surprise. Remember the drop off we found when the cabinets were put in? Well, it turns out that there was a similar problem at the kitchen to dining room space. But opposite. The kitchen floor layers put it much much higher than the rest of the house. Not sure how good you can see it in this pic, but...

My guy said it's a good thing he's good at resolutions. I didn't ask if that applies to New Years too, because I could use help there also. Anyway...It won't be easy, but the floor will led to it's demise. The 2 vinyl, then plywood, then more vinyl, then some thick MDF-type stuff and the petroleum based lineloum confetti. Yes, confetti. I may have to do some research because I am now curious on just when this layer may have been added. Isn't it, um, cough, pretty?

Actually, the confetti floor is kinda cool, but not something I would want on my floor.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Say Goodbye Floors - 'tis Time to Die

I am so happy to take these. These last pics of the floors. And walls too actually. Yes, we decided on a color. It will be the more green color I showed before. Only, it looks much different in person. And I added a 3rd tone for the kitchen. The dark was too dark and the light was too light. Go figure.

So goodbye front room...

Goodbye dining room/sewing room...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Etsyblogger Carnival - the 4th of July

Today's carnival is hosted by Dizzy Dragonflies and the theme choices were:1) What does july 4th mean to you?
2) July's birthstone is the ruby which symbolizes contentment, blog about the color red/ruby/or what makes you happy.

I'm going with the 4th. I'll start off by telling you that I am not a big fan of holidays. Christmas is good because I love to give people things and Halloween rocks for all the dress up & spooky play. But everything else is either ignored or just a great excuse to get together with family. The 4th of July falls into that last category.

My parents put in a pool back in the early/mid 80s. And thus the tradition of a 4th of July pool party began. Family heads on over, brings food, drink, lawn chairs and proceeds to chat & swim all day - and sometimes well into the night. In the beginning there were my parents siblings - usually about half could make it - and all their kids. Over the years, my generation has tacked on quite a few guests via spouses/partners/"outlaws" (more fun than in-laws) and kids. This year is a mid sized get together with about 40 people. Yup, 40. update: 48. *see below if interested in the total possible*

Many on my Mom's side have migrated north for the summertime fun. My Dad's side tends to be the majority. There are only about 5 family sets that do not live close by. I always thought these types of get togethers were normal. As I got older I realized, not so much, no. I love hanging out with my family. I have a fantastic bunch of aunt & uncles & cousins - all of which added on some more great outlaws to the family. And the munchkins? Wowsers. What an awesome gaggle of kiddos.

I may sound like a party pooper to many of you, but I can so do without the parade portion of the 4th of July. It was never a part of things until hubby came along. Good thing he & his family are worth it :) So the dreaded parade is now a part of my 4th of July. The celebration attitude is fine, but I would prefer some creative goodies for the attitude portion of the festivities. Any of these would do just fine:

4th of July Pennant by Orange Groove

4th of July Fireworks Ceramic Tile Coasters by Crafts by Kristin

Red, White and Blue Light by Paula Product

Berry Wreath Napkin Rings by Itty Bitty Booties

For those interested...the family count:
...1 top of the line Grandma; immediate family: 10;
Dad's side: 5 siblings + 5 outlaws, 12.6 cousins + 6 outlaws, 13.6ish munchkins;
Mom's side: 4 siblings + 4 outlaws, 10 cousins + 9 outlaws, 17ish munchkins; 95...'ish 2 partially the total possible.
Yes, our general get togethers tend to be larger than many reunions. And we do this a few times a year. The 4th, Christmas Eve (dad), Christmas (mom), Easter & Thanksgiving (every other year is the large one, but only around 10-20). Oh, and another pool party for Labor Day. And the occasional landmark birthday or anniversary. I think that's it :p
I almost feel sorry for new family entering in...that is a lot of names to remember. And please, no quizzing me.