Monday, June 28, 2010

Now for the Floors and Walls

Okay. The cabinets are in. The countertop has been templated. Next!

Painting and floors. The floors are the easier decision. Hardwood (engineered). New baseboards too. They will be the 1st baseboards actually since it is currently shoe molding. I love the look and hubby's allergies will love it too. Actually, they might get ticked that they won't be as busy, but hubs will be happy. As for color, we still need to look around somewhat. But I have a pretty good idea.

Paint. Ugh. For the most part I do not mind painting. But do you recall the wall color of the kitchen? Um, not gonna be fun to paint over that. But even worse, for me anyway, is all the window trimming. New windows were put in a few years back. I have yet to do the final touches on the trim. You know, all the wood fill, sanding, repainting. My hand just can't work in that position for very long. Heck, it barely makes it through a bathtub scrub down. So yes, we are paying someone else to do it. And all the other bits & specs that need fine tuning on the walls.

Color? I had fun with this one. I turned to my trusty computer photo software and played! I masked out the walls & floor to replace it with various color combos. It was a long, fun (for me anyway), process. Originally we were going to paint all the rooms the same color. Then just 2 colors with the kitchen being complementary. Then two tones of one color in each room with the back walls being the darker. Um, still not 100% sure which is the final. Probably the two tones throughout. Maybe. Probably.

These are the top winners so far...

I lean towards the bluer set while hubby leans towards the greener set. Although, they are very similar. And if your eyes or computer can't tell which is which...1st is blue, 2nd is green. Hmmm...if enough people can't tell the difference, I may just flip a coin :P

The last set, the browns ("tea chest"), did not make the cut for the kitchen due to the lack of color that it would leave in my kitchen. But it would be nice in the rest of the house. Especially for my pics for the shop - a nice neutral background is one thing I do not have anywhere right now.

So - opinions? comments? new suggestions? offers to come & watch my son & dog while it gets done?


  1. That is a cool way to try out a new paint color! I've never tried anything like that before - heck didn't even know it existed! I hurried up and painted our walls after they tore out our old cabinets and before they put in the new since I tend to get messy sometimes. We laid new tile 2 years before getting the new cabinets which caused a problem at the time since it made the cabinets shorter (due to the height of the tile). They had to make the base of the new cabinets 1/2 inch or so taller to make them "normal". Oh renovating can be so much fun but the results are so worth it!

  2. ok, my suggestion: the brown makes the kitchen look like everything's the same color... because it is basically! I like the dark green, but if you have a small kitchen, I'd go with the lighter color... IMHO {:-D

  3. I like the green set. It is a nice compliment for the reddish cabinets, assuming these are your cabinet color!

  4. looking at photos on a computer is tricky, but I like the blue and the green. I agree with Linda, that the green gives the greater contrast and looks very good with the reddish cabinets. The blue may be more monochromatic and therefore more soothing. Do you want the walls to be more or less noticeable?


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