Monday, June 21, 2010

Kitchen Cabinets Day 3

I can't believe so much got done on Day 3. Amazing. Kiddo doesn't think so though. He hit stir crazy early in the day. Thus a new game was created: "Stuffed Animal Wonderland Battle". Basically he sits on his bed in a large plastic tub while I toss all his stuffed animals at him. It entertained him for over an hour. My arm felt like it worked out. And it became my turn for the stir crazies. But look at the pretties that came of it:

And do you recall the multiple floor layers? Well, I didn't yet take a pic of how the cabinets sit on the awkward surfaces, but I did snap this. It shows the corner section - where my nifty built-in ginormous lazy susan goes - and just how much subfloor is exposed that inch & a half below the current floor. Although in the pic it is hard to see the depth, but the floor variation glares. It'll be fun to see him conquer that ggrrrr.

Day 4 shall be the last - we hope. From here on out it is "just" putting on drawers, handles & molding. Which has got to be frustrating with all that fine tuning. Stay tuned :)

Oh - and notice how lovely the paint looks now? LOL! It's pretty much purple in the daytime. Clash City. Now I want to get the new paint job done even sooner. I was thinking a pale muted tone of khaki or olive. What do you think? The floor will probably be a lighter tone of the cabinets & the countertops are a creamy sand.


  1. They're looking so good! I hope the floor isn't too much trouble!
    I think the khaki is a good choice :)

  2. lucky girl! Love the idea of a lazy susan in the corner! Where'd they get that name, anyways?


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