Friday, June 18, 2010

Electric Comes to Play

Day 2. Demo is done. Walls look scary. Floor is wonky. Cabinet guy is ready to put in the frames. And the electric boys get to come play too. Um, yippee?

Okay - we saw the demo. The walls look yicky, but will be covered by the cabinets and the backsplash. So it'll be okay.

The floor. Yikes. Layer after layer after layer. there is a good inch and a half of layers. Under the old cabinets was just the subfloor. But as you can see, there have been quite a few floors put on...without ever taking an older one off first.

This is a grrr for both them and me. Them - getting the cabinets to sit right since the are deeper than the last set. The old - and gone! - bottom cabinets were not the standard depth. Another pain of the old kitchen. He was able to work it...of which I had no doubt. This guy rocks. Nothing is done halfway. But the corner is going to be a problem. I'll take a picture when the cabinets are all in to show the problem. It may fall into the hands of whoever does our floor. I apologize to them now...whoever they may be.

The electric. Ugh. Just look at the mess behind my outlet. There is like 5 pounds of crap in a 2 pound container. And they do have to mess with this because the outside light, which does not really work, is connected to it...somewhere.

They also had to add a couple outlets along the wall. There was nothing to the left of the sink. Just another thing on the long "what were they thinking" list. Those were not much of an issue. Neither was disconnecting the garbage disposal cord which was wired directly down into the floor to the basement and not plugged into an outlet, say, under the sink. Imagine that. Now there is an actual plug there for the new one. And a hole in the floor waiting for the dishwasher :) Dishwasher!!! Ah, the things that get me geeked.

The electric boys also had the pleasure of working on our 3 way switch for the upstairs light. But that is a story for another time. In the end, and many miles of wire later they got the job done. And most of it was done simultaneously. The cabinet guy...actually, he is a full fledged licensed contractor, but since he is just doing my cabinets he's the cabinet guy :) Well, luckily he had a couple trips to make to bring the cabinet stuff on over. So by the time he was ready to start on the long wall, the electric boys were done there and only fiddling with the smaller area where the range lives.

So at the end of day 2 - I have the beginnings of my new cabinets.... actual surface that will be next to my range! Remember that "what were they thinking" list? Yup, this was on it.



  1. It is great to see the work in progress. Thank goodness they seem to work fast.

  2. Wow...they've really gotten a lot done in just two days! Electical stuff can be a real pain...glad they got it all figured out!
    I for one am with you on being geeked over a dishwasher :) I couldn't live without one!!!


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