Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blogfire: Blue Water

This week's carnival is about anything blue or water. Sounds great right now with the heat. Actually, all the rain kind of covers the water portion more so than the swimming part of water that I prefer. So I will start with a pic of our rain and then move on to pretties from Art Fire that are much more appealing.

And now for the good stuff....

Blue Water all fringe yarn newborn baby blanket nest photography prop by Cricket's Hand Knits

Hydrodynamic metal wall hanging by Ash Carl Metalworks

Bermuda, pure organic mineral eye color by Orglamix

Ocean waves soapy retreat by Soapy Nature

Blue swirls recycled eyeglass lens necklace by F0-Shizzle Design Studios


  1. wow - that little lake in front of the house is scary! I like the eye photo, though I'm not a big make-up artist myself!

  2. Woh.. you have a lake in front of your house!!!!

  3. We've had lots of rain lately too...but nothing compared to this!!! Hope it doesn't get any worse!

    That eye glass lens necklace is an ingenious idea! The things people cool!!!

  4. And I thought we'd had some rain here! My word.

    Awesome finds! Loving all the color.


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