Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kitchen Time!

*cartwheel back-flip jump shimmy kick* and a big Woo Hoo!

I got the call last week that the cabinets were done & on their way. The arrival was going to be Tuesday & they could start the demo on Wednesday. I was crushed. I wanted to pooch & kiddo to stay with grandma & grandpa during the install. So much easier all around. But they were going down to visit my bro this week. So I scheduled for next Monday. Except the more I thought about, the more I figured it won't matter too much. So I called this past Monday to see if the Wednesday could still be doable. It was :) Then the 2nd call came. "How is tomorrow?" Um - huh?!? YES!!! But um...that's only one day to empty out the kitchen. Which also means moving the sewing out of the dining to store the kitchen daily stuff. And also means shifting stuff upstairs to put the computer area from the kitchen (which will be permanent). Yeah. I was up late.

This was my kitchen Tuesday morning when they arrived....

And during the day I couldn't always get a good peek...

This was when they left.....

There were some definite spots of grrr for them. And some that will be a grrr for me later on. More on this later. Right now I want to go peek through the window.


  1. When the cabinets are gone it's very exciting since everything that is done from this point forward is one step closer to your perfect kitchen! Hope there aren't too many grrr moments!

  2. That's quite a dance you've got there...LOL :)
    Can't wait to see it all done!!!


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