Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kitchen Redo Dance

I am dancing in my seat here. Heck, I've even gotten up to do so...in private of course...don't want to scare anyone. It is always exciting to get something redone in your house. Especially when you dislike what is already there as much as I despise my kitchen. Yes, despise. I didn't always have such a glowering hatred of my kitchen. But it grew and flamed over the years. And with it came laziness...as seen by all the juck strewn about. It is hard to work up the desire to clean & tidy when you know it will still look yicky.

Looking at the "now" pictures may help illustrate my feelings. Although, I think you really have to experience it firsthand over the course of 8 years to really get it. Then again, hubby doesn't dislike it nearly as much as I do - except for the obvious - like cabinet doors that no longer stay attached. So maybe it is just me. Either way, it won't be here for long.

So help me say goodbye to these cabinets. The bottom is being ripped out to make way for new custom cabinets. The top frame is sturdy as all get out, so those are being refaced with new doors.
And that countertop...see ya sucker!!! Oh how I hate thee. With your impossible to clean grooves and your uneven top. Your atrocious layout and your so-hard-I-can-break-glasses surface.

Goodbye sink with your gooky grout and your stained steel (stainless my rear!). Notice the lovely I-can't-stay-attached cabinet door...

And goodbye to no counter space next to the stove. Who the heck designs a kitchen without a surface next to the range???

Still not sure what will replace under the window. Probably an Ikea desk or something that can cover up most of the computer slash office section of the kitchen. It is our "backup" work area since we got the new laptop. But it still is where the printer & officey stuff lives.

And eventually - ta ta to the floors. Although your replacement won't arrive for a bit longer, I say goodbye now because you will look much better with your new accessories.

Just no comments on the color...that was on purpose...although, it did look better in my head :P


  1. God, what an undertaking! I hope it goes smoothly for you, and can't wait to see the "after"! :)

  2. how nice to be able to redo the kitchen. I try to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible... except when I'm washing dishes or clothes... don't ask!

  3. How exciting! Kitchen re-dos aren't a fun process but boy are the results worth it! Can't wait to see the after photos!

  4. I can't wait to see the new version :) Home improvements are so exciting!!!

  5. I cannot wait to see the after! Although you have a mess to live with while it is getting done.

  6. hope you get your dream kitchen! It looks nice, but bits of it, like the groovy counter top simply doesn't work!

    And yes, you deserve a counter top next to your stove too!! Who forgot that?


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