Monday, May 3, 2010

Look... It's a Spider... No, It's a…yuck!

Hubby went out to the coffee shop last night to get to the work he brought home. Cody & I were settling in to watch our DVR'd Doctor Who. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something land on the couch one seat over. Thought it was another spider coming to say howdy. But then it buzzed. Loud. It wasn't speedy, but it was not pokey either. It flew & buzzed & bebopped around the lights and behind the couch. It was either clever to stay out of my way or just ping ponging it.

It was a frickin' bumble bee!!! In my house!!! When I wanted to watch the new Doctor! The nerve. So I rolled up a magazine Cody was using to make a duct tape vase & started whacking whenever it got closer. Insect abuse is considered okay in this home, because I am a bug wimp. And yes, there was some squelchy screaming going on as it got close. Never lost sight though...loudest buzz ever!

I finally got the sucker. Went to get a paper bag to throw it away in. I was going with the light bulb disposal method, didn't want bug bits squooshed all over. And guess what. It was not a bumble bee. It was the plumpness of one. And buzzed like one. But no. We had a giant mutant SciFi wasp divided in two on my futon arm. Yuck.
Okay, it was not an actual giant mutant SciFi...sorry, "SyFy"...wasp, but dang that sucker was large. Aren't wasps supposed to be skinny? Isn't there a Biggest Loser camp for stinging insects? I can see a buff Bob bug or Jillian whipping this wasp into shape. Well, not so much anymore I suppose, since it now has 2 parts that need shaping.

Anyway....I took pics. Cody grabbed a penny for size comparison. It does look less large when not flitting all over my family room, but it's no runt either.

Frackin thing was still rustling in the bag an hour later! And it was cut in half! I am now thinking I may make a zombie wasp to commemorate the visit :) That could be fun!


  1. Okay, first thing's first...


    *ahem* And now that I've gotten that out of my system, I just have to say, seriously, EW! Ack! That's horrifying! You handled it so much better than I would have. I'd have been running away and locking myself in another room far, far away until someone else got rid of it. Like I did with the totally normal, not-mutant-zombie-wasp that got into our house the other day.

    Me and insects do NOT get along.

    I wonder what the heck that thing was... That is one freaky lookin' bug.

  2. YIKES!!! Bugs are so much scarier when they buzz around!
    I wonder if it's a hornet or a yellow jacket???

  3. Ewwww! I scrolled down to the picture before reading the rest and went "that's no bee! That's a yellow jacket!" I could be wrong because I tend to mix up wasps and hornets and all that, but either way, ugh! Those things are *nasty*. I used to be afraid of bees, too, until I realized they're pretty much harmless and only sting as a last ditch effort, unlike those other icky stinging things that sting whenever the heck they want and don't even make honey to redeem themselves.

  4. Hey, at least it wasn't as big as the flying insects in The Green Death! ;-D

    "The New Doctor"? David Tennant or Matt Smith? I thought Smith was too recent to be here in the US yet (or are you in the UK? I forget).


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