Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flint Spring Market and Changes

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What a blast! Craft shows are even that much better when you have friends nearby. I left yesterday's shows brimming with ideas. Where to start!?!

I can say one thing...changes are a comin'! I can't guarantee they will be super noticeable to you, but they sure will to me.To start the changes...a sale...of course. Why? Because the first change is nixing most of my bags. I am working on the shop rework now :)

Backpacks shall stay.

Clutches shall stay, but will be split in two.

The current bags are going to be made with skinny strap options. The 2nd part of the split is into a more embellished line. There will be ruffles and bows and flowers and doodads galore...but a slow galore. These bags will be upped when it comes to fabric choices. More along the lines of silk and linen. Sound fun?

Messenger bags
will stay, but possibly as custom order only.

They are pricey, take many hours to complete - especially when you add in the embroidery- and do not move quickly. But I love them!

will be only in the form of market totes. Bye Bye painted...except custom orders.

Market totes will be made in batches.

I have a futon cover (unslept on) that will make about 10 or so. I took a poll at the show on the finish - hemmed -v- bias tape...hemmed lots! Funny thing - the bias tape bag was the 1st to go at the show. Go figure!

, handbags, larger purses

Zip pouches will always be around.

They are too perfect for small and odd shaped fabric remainders. I want to get better about making tiny change sized pouches to go with each bag also.

The next change is an expansion. Monsters and fun creatures will start to take over.

I am going to take my current guys and add on to the family from my sketchbook. They will be named - I will be coordinating with my oldest for this. And each will become a small keychain and small stuffie. Some may get super sized. And in all sorts of colors. I have an idea for their display too...more on that later.

The other expansion is the fabric baskets...which have not made it into the shop just yet. I want to make 3 sizes, not just the one.

There is more, but I have yet to finish the pro/con list for them, so more on that later too. Yes, this part goes back to quilts & such I always talk about but never quite get I hope I will :)
Phew! That's a lot!


  1. Your display looks great! I love all the different levels they are on...very appealing :)
    All of your changes sound wonderful! It's nice to change it up now and then...refresh and clear our minds :)

  2. Everything sounds good for change!! Good luck!!! :D


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