Sunday, November 15, 2009

A 4 Year old's Version of Cleaning

I just love this kid. He cracks me up everyday. I asked him to clean up the toys he is done with before he moves onto the next. And he did. He wanted to have room to run & play with his blocks, so all the matchbox toys & the pirate ship (they were on an adventure together) had to be cleaned up. It took me a while to figure out why he put them away where he did. He finally told me "but Mommy, this is where you put stuff when you clean the floor and I need to clean the floor to play". He was referring to vacuuming. I did not try to explain the difference, I was having too much fun watching the process.

1st he stacked it all up on the couch

then it was time to run

and run some more

and to top it off...floor angels :)


  1. LOL...I love when you share all of his funny antics :) He makes me smile!

  2. He's rather ingenious! And I'm sure he's always entertaining!


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