Friday, November 20, 2009

Etsybloggers: Favorite Holiday Movie

This month's carnival questions were either about Thanksgiving and your traditions or your favorite holiday movie or special. I just did a blurb on Thanksgiving, so I am going with holiday movie.

As a kid I adored all the claymation movies, the one with the Heat Miser being my fave. But then came A Christmas Story. Nothing can beat that... almost. I love when TBS (I think it's them) plays it for 24 hours straight. I have my own copy on DVD now, so I can pop that in anytime. It is what I trim the tree to :)

Why "almost"? Because of Elf. It does not beat out A Christmas Story as my fave, but it is a close second. So close it is almost a tie. One reason is Zooey, she is one of my fave actresses. It is also sweet, funny & heartwarming...which I only like during the holidays - the heartwarming part. I am not a heartwarming movie kind of gal. Notice the absence of It's a Wonderful Life on my list? I know it tops most people's I know, but not even on my radar.

And okay, I just realized another movie is so very close to the top for holiday movies that I need to give it an honorable mention. Scrooged. The Bill Murray one? Also funny, sweet & heartwarming. And I just love when he gets beaned with the toaster! She is so adorable :)

Which is your fave holiday movie?


  1. "I'm Mr. Heat Miser, I'm Mr. Hundred-and-One"... That's from "The Year Without a Santa Claus". :)

    Fave movie would have to be "A Christmas Story", too. It's always on the t.v. all Christmas morning.

  2. Haven't watch "A Christmas Story" have to find the DVD.. but I love "Elf" too..

  3. These two are tops on my list too...along with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. The Elf is Jesse's fave :)

  4. Finally! Someone else who's heard of the heat miser! That's the movie I chose for my favorite and no one who stopped by my blog had ever seen it!


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