Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blogfire: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been a big family get together for me. When I was younger we went to my Dad's parents with all his siblings & my cousins. After my grandpa passed we began alternating whose house it was held at. Now we are older & have started families of our own so the big BIG get togethers are not as common. But even our small get togethers are about a dozen big. And I make the desserts. I love experimenting on my family *bwahahaha*. I am not sure what it will be this year, last year I made a cranberry upside down cake (thank you Becca!).

I recently started a new "tradition". Can you really call it a tradition if you just started? And how long until it can be called that? Oh well, I plan to keep going with it. Oh...what is it? I make stuff. Sewing stuff. Fabric stuff. I know, real specific huh? Let's see, so far I have made some stuffed heads for Christmas, a snowman and Santa.

Purses for gifts, of course. An Easter apron for mom.

Another Easter goodie for her were embroidered chickies. This year...MOM - WARNING : DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU WANT TO STAY SURPRISED....I am making an Autumn table runner. I have the sketch and fabrics...I may "reuse" the pattern for other holidays.... assuming it goes well.


  1. Yummy!!! I heart that cake. Merry Turkey Day.

  2. That Santa and snowman are adorable! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving this year!

  3. I love big family get-togethers :) We still get together will all my aunts/uncles and cousins at my grandparents house :)

    Your sewing is a great tradition to continue :)

  4. nice to get together with family. Cute snowman!

  5. Those stuffed heads are so neat!! The table runner is going to be gorgeous :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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