Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flint Handmade Holiday Craft Market 2009

Hey look...it's me :) A rare sighting indeed. I am not a fan of my picture being taken...at least this time my bags were the main characters. Thanks Crystal for taking this one :)

This past weekend was the Flint Handmade Holiday show...and from the stats I was just sent, it was quite a hit! 400+ people during the 6 hour show. And some snowflakes.

This pic also shows my newest set up by way of Ikea. My oldest helped me find some props the other weekend. It worked out pretty well, but is still now quite what I want. Of course if I would just learn not to put everything out...that'd help :P

To see more about the show, click here


  1. I know what you mean about learning to not put everything out! If we just knew what customers wanted, we could pare down our stock at the shows! Wishful thinking!!!!

  2. You're welcome for the pic, Theresa! Thanks for all the links back to our blog and flickr! :)

    Flint Handmade

  3. Your display looks great...as do you :) It's great to see you on your blog!!!
    Glad to hear the show went well :)

  4. The set up looks great! Nice to see you!

  5. As long as it's not confusing, full looks better than empty. The problem is, one thinks, the perfect purse a customer is searching for will be the one that's not put out!
    enjoyed the photo of your setup and yourself!

  6. The bags look awesome. I wish I could set something like this here but I guess I'm not gifted to create beautiful crafts like these. Anyway, you can also drop by our website. It's mainly about affordable seo services . You might know someone who might be interested. =)


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