Friday, December 4, 2009

I Missed It Again!

I do not know what goes through my head every time I jot down the deadline for my blog posts lately....the team ones that is. This has got to be the 4th time I have missed the Blogfire carnival by ONE day! Sheesh. I need a brain overhaul. Maybe I can squeeze one in between sewing, making custom orders, creating Xmas gifts, cleaning, cooking, shopping, paperwork, taking care of the boys...hmmm...maybe I should just be happy with only ONE day late :P

But I am still writing it, even if it does not count. The subject: The Holidays - what do you celebrate/make? We celebrate Christmas - although, hubby and I celebrate different aspects of it. That's what happens when only one half of a couple is religious. But aside from church service, everything is essentially the same. We celebrate life, our family and all those we care about. This year we get to celebrate our (his technically) Great-Grandma's 98th...yes, season! Wowsers! And she's still spunky - go Grandma!!!

As for what I make...well, that changes every year. A couple years ago I made a Santa & snowman head. Last year there were lots of purses. This year there will be quilts, tree skirts, stockings, felt goodies for the kiddos (I hope) and dessert...always dessert. I still need to decide on the dessert - any ideas?

The sewing stuff I listed, well, it is still in the 'I hope" phase. I, gladly, have a few custom orders I need to complete first. I think next year I will have a cut off date for customs so I have all of December for my own creating. If I do get to it, I plan to make what you see below (clicking on the pics will bring you to the sites of the fabulous artisans I either bought the pattern from or downloaded the tutorial for free)...

Noah's Ark by Bugga Bugs

Tiny Tree Skirt by Polkadot Chair on Moda (but I would make it regular tree sized)

...and maybe the runner too...

Pizzeria Felt Play Set by Gulf Coast Cottage

Teapot Play Set by Gulf Coast Cottage

Princess Pea Blanket by Angela Yosten on Moda


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  2. I hear ya on the brain overhaul! Mine seems to be in 20 places right now!!!

    Can't wait to see what all you get done before Christmas :)

  3. I can't keep things straight this time of year (or any time of year actually)!

    Hope your 98 year old Great-Grandma has a wonderful birthday!


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