Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Update

Just a quick drop in...

our side table these past couple weeks

Little guy went to school Wednesday. He was fine pretty much all of Tuesday (even gave me his butt dance twice, sure sign of feeling good) - but came home from school & fell asleep on me almost immediately. Not his usual way of being. He is not the biggest cuddler - that was (um, is) his big bro. He would barely wake up the rest of the evening.

I called the doc who said he may simply (um, simply???) have the flu on top of his ear and sinus infections. Great. My biggest worry was hydration. He was so cranky about drinking anything - and forget about food. He is a problem feeder in the first place, so no surprise there. But to not even want his juice? Yikes. She said to take him into prompt care if I couldn't get him to drink. He eventually did. But the worry did not end. Until he woke up this morning.

Now he's fine again. Ugh. It's like a 4pm to 7am flu - weird.

Now the older one is home too. And I feel worse than both of them...okay, maybe the older one feels worse than me today. But that Mom thing kicks in I think. The moment they were both home ill, I swear I felt better.

Until they went to bed that is. Then it all came rushing back. Good thing too, because my babies need me, sick or not. And no, I will not apologize to my basically grown up son for referring to him as my baby, because he is and always will be. I just refuse to treat him as such :) That wouldn't do anyone any good. I want my boys to grow up independent and not Mommied to the point of not being able to take care of themselves. But home & sick - they can be Mommied all they need :)

So you may not see much of me here until all is well again on the home front. I will be trying to get some new things listed here & there if possible. I did manage to get another set of pillows, a wristlet and a front zip pouch up in my Etsy shop these past few days.


  1. Hope you and your boys get well soon!

  2. hope your "babies" get well soon, so you can spend some time for yourself. All my best, {:-D

  3. Praying all of you get well soon!


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