Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekly Workout

It feels like ages since I have had a good workout. First the boys were sick. Then it was my turn. I have been back a couple times, but the workouts did not make it into the blog. I guess I was too tuckered out :P

So here's the latest...

  • Hammer strength chest press then pull ups: 12 reps of the press & burn out of pull ups: 3 cycles, no rest

  • Lat pull down then EZ bar underhand row then seated cable row w/mini EZ bar: 12 reps each, 3 cycles - no rest (EZ bar is the wiggly looking one)

  • Leg press then squats then forward lunge with dumbbell lateral raise: 12 reps each, 3 cycles, no rest
  • Tricep push down then bicep curl: 12 reps, 3 cycles, no rest

  • Decline bench sit ups: elbow to opposite knee as sit up and with stability ball - straight arms body crossover...until you no longer can :P

Okay, this killed me. It does not take long to lose what you have gained. On the plus side - it also does not take too long to get it back. A couple weeks of regular workouts & I should be back to where I left off a month ago.

Wish me luck :)

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