Friday, March 25, 2011

Jumping Off Places...

I have decided to have a little fun with writing on this blog. I am joining up with the link party on Abigail's Attic. It will work out a different part of my brain...I just hope I have a creative writing center in there some where. After all, it does tend to melt sometimes.

She gives five choices for the first line. So here it is...accompanied by this awesome piece I found on Etsy :

The view outside the window had been gray for days. I wanted Spring to come so badly I could smell it. The tulips, the roses, the lilies, the grass. Even the worms. I would settle for the worms if only to see the sun shine through my window once more.
I look out again. Still gray. Walking over to the windows for a better look I notice something. A streak across the top of the panes. Could it be the sun starting to peek through? I step closer. I think it is. Yes, it might be.
My heart starts to speed up just a little. I begin to imagine the bikes rides, the walks, pushing my son on the swing for what feels like hours at a time. I add a little skip to my step.
I look out once more, my nose almost toughing the glass. Yes - the streak shines! Oh, wait. It's just dirt. I think I need to clean the windows. Okay, nevermind. Where's the Windex?

Thanks Linda! I need to do something different more often.


  1. Cute little story. Soon the sun will be peeking out in all its glory! :-)

  2. really fun - love the humor! well written.

  3. Awesome! I think all of us picked the same line today! We all NEED Spring! I just love your sense of humor! Thanks for participating in Jumping Off Places!

  4. Funny! I know I am enjoying this sudden burst of sunshine.

  5. Feeling, smelling and anticipating right along with your writing. Drew me right in ... then the cute funny ha ha! When I smelled the worms, I smelled rich dirt healthy for growing. We do not have that in this area.

    I so enjoy "Jumping Off Places", and am looking forward to the next one ... still not posted for this week.

    Love the etsy find too!

    Not to cause any haters, I've had the a/c on for a couple of weeks now. ;o)


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