Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Update

I have said before that I want to make sure to keep up on the Kids, Home & Life portion of this blog...but have not followed through as well as I would like. I decided to get two birds with stone & post updates on happening on the homestead a couple times a month. This will take care of it here while keeping my brother updated as well. I realized I tend to do one or the other. And time can be a precious commodity here, so this just seems more efficient. Plus, people say they do like getting to know the personal side, especially customers looking to buy handmade goodies. It is one of the bonuses of handmade - knowing the maker.

I have a big brag of an update about the biz itself, but I am putting that one up on my Tilt's Creations blog since it is more focused on my business. But I am always ready to brag about my boys :)

My oldest is finishing up the last week of the school's musical, Oklahoma. He is not on the stage this year, but in the pit orchestra. Next year - to the stage! It makes sense, he is in both the Men's and Ensemble choir at school. And he gets more than enough band in his life with the Wind Ensemble, Marching Band and his rock band - No Alternative. That kid never ceases to amaze me. Although I can't call him kid much longer I suppose. He'll be 16 in a couple months and is more than a couple inches taller than me...and has been for quite some time.
Now the little guy - he amazes me left and right too. When he was younger we had many worried moments with his development. Not extreme, but enough. His sensory & speech issues took a while to get through. Not that he is caught up, but enough for us to see that everything will be fine....albeit with a quirk or five here & there :P

For a kid who didn't speak enough to say Mama until he was nearly three, he sure can go on and on now. And with such a big vocabulary. He was always a babbler & after some testing we realized that he understood everything...and then some. It just got stuck on the way out. His desire to learn everything only reinforces the whole "so much going on inside that just can't get out" theory. Like with his reading this month...awesome! They need to keep a log of what they read at school this month. For Kindergartners the goal is like 90 pages...he hit that on day 2. Once I told him that it was okay & counted if he needed some help, he went gung ho.

I will leave you with some pics the little guy has drawn this weekend. He got a new Spongebob scratch & sketch book and has been having a blast. But the best part is that he has been able to let go of his "everything has to be perfect" thing. That issue has led to many a meltdown. I think he did rather well....


  1. that's great - looks like one is musical and the other, a reader and artist! What a household you must have! Thanks for sharing. {:-D

  2. You've got two very special boys there :)
    Great minds think alike...I did a "personal" post today too!


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