Friday, May 27, 2011

Where Have I Been?

At work. At craft shows. In my wet basement. At least some of it is fun. And Friday I added at home with a sick little boy. Poor little guy. Turns out to be Strep. Ick. And ouch. He was supposed to go to the zoo with the latchkey group since it was a no school day. I told him we'd go next week. If the rain stops that is. Which it is supposed to.

This is the work part. I am making my first model garment to display - yippee!!! Am I nervous? Um, yup, a tad. My only real worry is finding the space to work. I'll show you why below.

Let me introduce you to our new best friend....

He is quite useful for this, which is hard to see since the water is (luckily) storm water and therefore clean & clear. But all the reflections on the floor are only possible because of the water covering it. At a rate of about 3 fills ups per hour. And it's a 12 gallon wet/dry vac. Ugh. I am happy to report that it finally slowed down though.

Do you remember a few weeks back when I showed similar pics? Yeah. Well, the problem has not been able to get fixed because we haven't had enough days in a row to dry things up. But the sun is out now. That' a good sign.

At least my show was inside at the Rust Belt yesterday. New spot this time...against a wall. Still not sure which placing I preferred. I do prefer this pic though...and not just because my little guy is in it :) But because it was taken with my new toy...a Galaxy Tablet. LOVE IT!!! I even have a card swiper on it for shows. Sweet!

And that sick little boy.....feels good enough to play on Mom's new toy :)

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  1. hope the strep is going away - ouch, that does hurt. And the basement - wow! giganto bummer. Hope they figure out how to stop the seepage. Cute pics {:-D


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