Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To EC or Not to EC?

I have found lots of fun blogs that I now follow since I started using Entrecard. Then they switched to adding paid adverts. I accepted some at first. I kept it to those that I would have on normally...or so I thought. One day I went on my blog & saw an ad I know I never approved. So I stopped accepting paid adverts all together.

And since that day... even my credit adverts dried up. There were ZERO new ones. So is that related to being bumped down to the bottom of the category after not accepting adverts? Probably. I have still been dropping because I want to visit my faves. And now I think I will be hopping on the Drop-EC-bandwagon. But not before I use up my credits to advertise.

So to anyone that follows me through EC & wants to keep track - I've got my Follower box over on my sidebar. Hope to keep seeing you here :)


  1. Welcome to the "those who've dropped EC" realm :P

  2. Welcome to the club. Beware, when you shut down accepting any new ec credit advertising you'll likely get the same email from EC that I got stating they removed me from EC. Reason, "not a blog". I have the email if you'd like to see it.

    Therefore, I lost all of the advertising that I had going
    (11,000+ credits I had accumulated) and canceled those paid ads by REAL ec droppers that I had approved.

    Hope I explained that right?

  3. I haven't dropped EC yet but am getting close to it. I don't accept paid advertising either but am still showing up rather far up on the lists so get over 300 drops a day on me which keeps me plugging along.

  4. I don't accept any paid ads, haven't received an email yet - if I do they will get an ear full. We should have the choice of whether we accept the paid ads or not. It is our blog!!
    I don't think the drops to my blog have changed much, don't really keep track, Still have quite a few blogs wanting to advertise.
    Don't really understand it - just have fun dropping and visiting great blogs like yours!!


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