Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blogfire: Hot Hot Hot

"The theme will be "Hot times". In the Northern Hemisphere summer is coming, in the Southern Hemisphere they may need things to warm up for winter. Write about hot (or warm) stuff from either angle."

Hot stuff huh? Well, first off - I hate hot. I am not one of those women who "gently perspire". Nope - if I am overheated, everyone can tell. And in Michigan, it goes from 40 to 80 degrees in a blink of an eye! Seriously - there was barely a week's span between those temps last month. And the humidity - yuck! I am very grateful to have pin straight hair when summer rolls around - no frizzies :)

But the heat does have it's plus side...swimming!!!! I love to swim. I taught myself..well, there was a group of lessons when I was like 4, but I could swim. My parents just wanted me to feel more comfy & to be able to jump in. Which I apparently did when told, even though I was crying & whimpering...in an amusing they could tell I really was okay kind of way. 1...2...3...jump! *whimper*...and I jumped.
Anyway - where was I? Oh yeah - swimming is the reason hot is okay. Now I get to watch my boys enjoy it.

Good thing my parents have a pool. Which is super good because I am too uncomfy to be out in public in a bathing suit. And it's not (just) the weight issue...even when I was a twig I felt too exposed.

And then there's my boys...run around naked whenever possible. And in the summer - that means taking the bating suit off outside so it can dry...regardless of whoever may be around :) Well, the oldest did until he got too old for that :P

...obviously, it does not need to be summer to be naked in our house :)

Riding bikes...always better when warm. But not once it's well into the 80s...then I lose steam too fast. My youngest adores riding in the trailer. I plan to take advantage of that fact and the fact that my oldest is old enough to stay home alone...so I can ride every day it is nice enough. My little guy loves it & bonus - I'll lose some poundage. Which will help me keep up with my outdoor child. Something I was not as a kid.

So hot times - good times? Not so much, but at least I'll have fun with the boys.


  1. I too love my straight hair when it comes to the summer :)

    Have fun on all your bike rides and days at the family pool :)

  2. I was cracking up about your boys loving to run around naked :P

  3. fun! (Those naked photos will come in handy one day.)

  4. Swimming & summer go hand in hand! Especially in humid climates. Oh and I'm one of the lucky ones to have naturally curly hair that goes "boing"!

  5. Aw, man, they didn't have goggles like that when I was a kid!

    Also, baby butt. Hee!


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